Rascal: A RelialbeBrand for Mobility Scooters

Old age and disability are the most difficult time in any person’s life especially when a person is no longer able to walk and has to depend on others. But with the advancements in the technology, now a person can easily work on his own with the help of mobility scooters and power chairs. Rascal has been serving people with mobility scooters from past 30 years with the latest technology and safety scooters. The scooters are specially manufactured keeping in mind the needs of a person who cannot walk on his own. Power chairs along with scooters which make a person independent and free from all the restrictions has been provided by the brand using very high quality material. From past three decades, people are extremely satisfied and loving the products manufactured by rascal as the quality of the products is top class. In case of any defect. So, for the people who cannot walk and does not even want to depend on any other person, go through the website and order the best rascal product and simplify your life.

These are few among various mobility scooters offered by Rascal:

Rascal Frontier Mobility Scooter: A scooter to provide freedom and independence to with a top speed of 8mph. It has fully adjustable captain swivel seat with lightening package. It has lots of advanced features making it suitable for roads and pavements. Waterproof dash switches are like a cherry in the top of cake, making it easier to drive. The height and weight of the scooter perfectly match with the length and width making it the most comfortable ride in anybody’s budget. Two batteries along with speed make it enable to drive easily for approximately 22 miles. So, make a choice of the colours and take it home and enjoy the ride.

Rascal Turnabout 312 Powerchair: A Flexible ride for the comfort lovers. The main feature about this chair is it gives a chance of a dual directional drive with rotating seat. The Powerchair being designed by the specialists has very standardised features of front and rear seat options, a fully adjustable seat, luxurious back seat and a headrest for comfort. A person can always opt for upgrades of leg rests which can be elevating or swing away and two powers packed batteries make the ride more interesting and enjoying. A sleek and good looking chair with ease and safety is readily available to be picked.

Rascal Liteway 4 Plus: A lightweight four wheel mobility scooter comfortablewith unique styling makes this ride much more flexible and loved people. A beautiful basket beneath the seat adds up to the style and leaves a great space for the shopping bags. This scooter offers all the features a person expects any transportable scooter and the design add up the shine. Standard Batteries or optional high power batteries make an easy ride to about 16miles with full independence. This scooter is a perfect combination of style and safety with its distinct features, a value for money.

Rascal P320 Compact Powerchair: A powered wheel chair which is powerful and lightweight at the same time with innovative features. Easy dismantling and re assembling along with removable battery and seat making it more convenient to transport by car. A person can always upgrade with extra light weighted padded seats, leg rests may it be elevating or swing away. When combined with awesome features, designing, comfort and quality this is recognized as the compact mini chair in a very nominal range.

To conclude, give yourself freedom from being dependent, invest in one of these comfortable powerchairs and enjoy being  independently.

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