A Brief Introduction To Electric Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters have been available through so many brands and with so many reviews that a reader may get easily confused about them. Mobility electric scooters aka mobility chairs can bring great relief to a person’s life and help them living their life with pride and dignity. These scooters come in various capacities which vary from three to four wheels. Any research that you do about this product, whether you look for mobility chairs in UK or USA, it will always be worth it.

Scooters with light capacity can bear a maximum weight of two hundred and fifty pounds. These light weight models also have one more advantage; these can be disintegrated into several small pieces and then folded easily. Electric mobility scooters with high capacity may need electric lift. Buyers are suggested to get insurance before finalizing their purchase. Most lightweight scooters come with lower capacity and have three wheels in place of four. The advantage they have is they can roam around easily and get into tight and narrow spaces without any hassle. The four wheel models, on the other hand, come in several rugged designs and generally have a better load bearing capacity and stability. They are more useful for outdoor activities. Their range, however, will depend on several other factors.

As a purchaser, you should also consider the range and charging capacity of the product you are purchasing. You may also be required to buy new batteries for these from time to time. Rechargeable batteries tend to lose ability with passage of time and witness a decrease in range likewise. The three wheel scooters usually have a range of 10 miles while those with four wheels have a range of 25 miles or more than that. The main figure depends over brand and the kind of model you are going for.

Also confirm the purpose of purchase before you buy any such scooter. If it is for indoor use, a lightweight three wheeler would do while if it is more of outdoor uses always go for a heavy four wheels one. The outdoor activities demand for something more stable heavy.  Also look for type of tires that are available in the scooter. The pneumatic tires are lighter in weight but are also prone to holes and punctures. The solid core tires, on the other hand, are not prone to holes but are pretty heavier in weight.

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