Pride- The Trusted Brand in Mobility Scooters!

Pride is a well-known brand and is popular for being the  specialist in Mobility scooters and power chairs. The company has maintained a good name in the market due to its high levels of integrity and customer care. Their products are Reliable and exeption value for money.  The experienced consultants assess requirements of individuals and offer products that are actually beneficial to them and their needs. They don’t stop just at the delivery.  Any problems, issues or questions after the delivery would be taken care of by their dedicated after-sales team. The issues are resolved promptly, ensuring total peace of mind of the buyers.

 Pride Quantum 6000 Powerchair

Pride Quantum 6000 PowerChair has some powerful and aggressive features. Known for its mid-wheel 6 design platform and powerful 4-pole hammer motors, it delivers excellent maneuverability and performance and also delivers limitless capability. It has ATX  Suspension and OMNI-casters incorporated for enhanced performance over different terrains. Moreover, other features include a compact modular seat, 8 amp off board charger and a 100 amp PG Remote Controller. Its freewheel levers are easily accessible and are side-mounted.  With its OMNI –casters on rear and front, wheel hang-ups are prevented.

Pride Colt Executive

Being the largest 8mph mobility scooter from this range, it bristles with various excellent and high-performance features such as a hydraulic sealed brake system, low profile tyres and full suspension. Moreover, it has some luxury touches too, such as a new double A-arm suspension, wraparound delta tiller, LED lighting, etc. Sporting a sleek design, it is considered to be an ultimate outdoor scooter.

Pride T3 Riser Recliner Chair

The T3 Lift Chair is known for its high-quality finish and is a dual motor lift chair that comes in unique options for fabric. With this, the legs can be elevated above the head for improving circulation of blood. It is a combination of comfort with a seamless and silent operation. With the new 6 button control, continuous body support can be achieved and with its tilt function, you are lifted upright or are reclined through Trendelenburg position, thus improving blood pressure and circulation. It comes with a comfortable and soft waterfall back design and many lounging and reclining positions. Moreover, it has a battery backup system and a 3 cushion waterfall back.

Pride Quest Folding Mobility scooter

New from Pride a light, portable and easy to fold scooter, The Pride quest folding scooter is perfect for the active lifestyle. Offering great performance indoors and out with a maximum speed of 4 mph. The Quest is portable and adjust to fit perfectly into a small space.

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